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Get MORE Campers OPENS AGAIN on March 6th! will teach you the strategies, tactics and tips I used to more than double my camp’s registrations in just three years!

With this coaching program, you will:

  • create a compelling message about your camp (finally be able to explain to camper parents why they should choose your camp)
  • get more campers to return each year
  • be confident and choose the BEST marketing methods to fit your budget
  • reach new campers with POWERFUL word-of-mouth tools
  • take the guess work out of SOCIAL MEDIA and actually make it work for you
  • GET MORE CAMPERS. Guaranteed.

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4 Modules that Cover ALL the Strategies, Tactics, Tools & Tips I used to almost DOUBLE camper registrations in just two years!

Get MORE Campers


I would definitely recommend the course! 10 out of 10!

The most helpful information has come in the form of samples and examples. I hear about great ideas from you, and its always fantastic to see them in action!
Keep it up, I’m loving the course!
Megan, Camp Cedarbrook In The Adirondacks

 I’m learning so much. I keep going back to the Module 2 lessons for ideas about how to understand our families better and increase our word of mouth referrals. Great stuff!

My favourite part is the monthly webinars, I’m looking forward to next month already!

Ross, Camp Galilee

Module #1 Brand Blueprint

Know yourself. Know your customer better. This is the FOUNDATION for all your communication!

  • Rediscover what makes your camp unique
  • Craft a compelling story of why parents choose your camp
  • Create an Annual Communication Plan
  • Set Brand standards for your promotional material and communication

Bonus Tutorial: The BEST (FREE) Online Design tool that will make your promotional images look professional.

Module #2 Word-of-Mouth Marketing Machine

The NEW Rules to get your FANS to sell camp to their friends (this strategy was responsible for over 800 campers registering at my camp last summer alone, that’s about 30% of all campers)

  • How to create a Camp Survey that actually gets responses and provides powerful insights into your customer’s decisions to refer others to your camp
  • Find your Camp Champions – a system to identify your biggest fans and get them to sell your camp to their friends
  • The ROI of retention tactics like freebies, giveaways and incentives
  • Understand the equation of “Retention + Referral = Growth” and create your own annual R+R plan to create a sustainable roadmap to increasing growth
  • The Partnership Funnel – establishing mutually beneficial partnerships with community, school or church groups to keep a never ending supply of new families receiving your promotional material and registering for camp
  • Social proof – online methods to find the friends of your fans
Tyler Shaule | Founder of
Tyler Shaule | Founder of

Thank you so much for visiting the Get MORE Campers online coaching course headquarters. I really hope you like what you see and will consider joining the course! 

My passion is for Camp Directors to create incredible camp experiences that change young people’s lives! The BEST way to ensure that?  Do something new! Get UNSTUCK and FILL YOUR CAMP this summer! 

For less money than the average camp conference you can have the exact system of strategies, tools and tips that I have used for the past three years to almost double enrolment at my camp! 

Applying the concepts I teach in Get MORE Campers has meant increasing camper enrolment, not losing sleep over a shrinking budget and having a blast doing what Camp Pros do best: creating fun for campers and staff!

Module #3 Social Summer Camp

Grow relationships AND your reach. You have to market to people where they are…online! The average adult spends 6 hours online daily including 1.72 hours on social media.

  • The Content Model – Learn how to create “share” worthy content that your campers and their families will actually LIKE, SHARE or COMMENT on
  • Ingredients of an effective camp website
  • Email Marketing (10 times more effective than Social at selling something)
  • The 3 P’s of Social Media (Plan, Platform, Promote)
  • The Experience Extender – how your Social Media efforts can make camp unforgettable for campers (and their families!) all year round
  • Social Advertising: Step-by-step guide to using the BEST and CHEAPEST Ads you can buy…Facebook Ads!
  • Calculating Online ROI with Google Analytics

Bonus Tutorial: How NonProfits can get $10,000/month to spend on Google Ads (Don’t really understand how much that is? It’s HUGE! A total gamechanger! You gotta get this!)

Module #4 Say YES to the Guest

Delight your campers (and more importantly their parents!)

  • “Say Yes to the Guest” Staff Training Exercise
  • “How to say YES without saying a Word” Staff Training Exercise
  • The Parent Experience – from phone call to final goodbye hug. Create a system that caters to parents every step of the way.
  • High Leverage Moments: How to find the small improvements can lead to BIG results
  • Measure What Matters: How to use the NPS for continual improvement

What Does this Online Coaching Course Include?

Video Coaching Lessons

Ready to Use Resources

Marketing Schedule

Monthly Q & A Webinars

How Much Does it Cost?

The entire course — all strategies, resources and planning schedules-are broken into four modules to ensure that you don’t get overwhelmed and can easily and methodically implement the system. The result…you’ll Get MORE Campers!

Join Now normally costs $988.00 USD

For a limited time … $988.00 I’m creating a HUGE discount!
 Get it for JUST 4 monthly payments of $147 USD

Note: If you miss this special offer the price will increase to $988.00

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Get MORE Campers

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this course continue to be updated? And will I get free access to future versions?

Yes! This will will be updated on a regular basis. Once you are enrolled, all future versions are free at no cost.


How much more is in the course vs. what you already put out on your blog?

If the blog is a book, the course is a an encyclopedia. Some of the core concepts I’ve discussed on the blog are in the course.

However, the course goes into MUCH more detail, with use cases, examples, checklists and video tutorials on each strategy

Will this work for someone who loves working with children and youth but is not into marketing and communications?

Absolutely. My background is in education…as a MATH and PHYSICS Teacher and I have created all the teaching videos and resources to be easily understood by someone with no formal marketing background, just like me.

What if I’m literally starting from step zero? I have no idea how to get unstuck and grow my camp. Will this still help me?

Yes! The entire first module is all about the basics of marketing and communication and will catch you up on anything you’re don’t know or are uncomfortable with.

This course is specifically engineered for Camp Directors and is made up of only the highest yield strategies that will help you leverage the relationships with camper families into a greater reach and increased registrations.

Can I afford this right now?

At the end of the day that’s a question you have to answer. However, I can tell you that the strategies in this course are responsible for adding 326 campers in the first year of using them at my camp.

I hope you have the same kind of results as me but even if you only experienced 10% of that, you would have an additional 32 campers this summer.

Are 32 additional registrations worth 4 payments of $147?

Instead of one flat fee for the entire course, I’ve broken it down into a payment plan to keep the barriers to access this course as low as possible.

In fact, this special price represents a savings of $400

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There is NO risk to purchasing this course because I promise a 30 money back guarantee.

Is what you’re are saying actually possible? Can I Get MORE Campers by implementing some new strategies, tactics and tools?

Absolutely. You’ll even have a major advantage on me by having someone give you an exact system to follow

How much time will this take?

Great question! The course itself is being designed to go through between 1 to 4 months. As far as implementation, that depends on your camp’s schedule and how quick you learn.

While I can’t guarantee anything, I am designing the modules so that anyone with base skills can implement that tactics with a few hours each week.

How often SHOULD I work on it?

See above. The more you work the faster you go.

If you’re looking for a lazy way to success, this isn’t the course for you. But if you’re willing to work HARD and follow a proven plan…this will work.

Why should I buy now and not just wait until closer to summer when I’m really desperate for campers?

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Spring 2017 Special Offer -SAVE $400 when you join
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